Those We Love Can Never be More Than a Thought Away

With cremation, its not just about the cost. Many families are choosing to go this route as opposed to traditional burials for many reasons. Since the number of families opting for cremation keeps rising steadily, it is important to understand some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to cremate their loved ones. Continue reading to discover some of these reasons.

1.  Religion Changes

Many religions have relaxed their stance on cremation. Even though religions such as Judaism and Catholicism have strongly opposed cremation in the past, their stance has changed in recent years. What’s more, some church cemeteries have started offering columbaria for storing cremation urns. 

2.  Customization

With cremation, customization possibilities are nearly endless. Families can decide to remember the departed in a way they feel is fitting and right for them. Families may choose to incorporate their loved ones in an ocean reef, use custom-made cremation urns, send ashes into deep space, or use the remains to create favorite vinyl records.

3.  Flexibility of Planning

Yet another reason why the practice has quickly gained popularity is that families get more time for planning the memorial service. Cremating your loved one removes time constraints a traditional burial ceremony might have. The extra time means families don’t have to rush the planning phase. They get the opportunity to do everything at their own pace.

4.  Environmental Concerns

Some people are choosing Huntington Beach cremation services due to concerns about land availability and environmental conservation. It is worth noting that one of the most popular reasons why people in the US choose funeral cremation is for land preservation. Others also prefer to minimize their carbon footprint once they die and they consider cremation a more eco-friendly and greener option to a traditional burial.

5.  Families Are Spread All Over

In earlier years, burial ceremonies were simpler to execute because family members could easily meet at a local community church and once the ceremony was over, they could still proceed to visit the departed at a local cemetery. However, today families don’t live so closely together as was previously the case. Families are spread out all over the country and choosing to cremate a loved one essentially means that families are not limited to using a specific location or cemetery. Instead, they can carry the urn wherever they move to or scatter the ashes at their preferred location. 

From the aforementioned reasons, it is easy to understand why more families are choosing Huntington Beach cremation services over traditional burial. If you choose to have your body cremated after you die, you should not hesitate to place a request in writing and inform your relatives as well. Pre-planning the funeral cremation is a helpful move for your loved ones considering it is cost-effective and provides numerous other benefits.